What is Property Power?

A 200 Page, A5 Guidebook that will point you in the right direction and give sound unbiased advice about:

  • Renting Your First Place - Knowing your rights and obligations.

  • What you need to know about preparing yourself to "Enter the Property Market", and working towards Owning a Piece of Our Beautiful Land !!

  • Tips on House Hunting or Getting your home ready for sale, Moving Tips... and so on.

  • Dealings with the Estate Agents, Attorneys and the Banks.

  • Legislation to take into account with regard to Typical Residential Property Transactions in South Africa.

  • Advice on the entire Buying or Selling process and also on being a responsible Tenant or Landlord.

  • A wealth of information on becoming a Property Investor... this is where you start making money with property!

  • Building or Renovating...? Make sure you are prepared.

Our advice to

Although buying and selling property is not an exact science and circumstances will vary from transaction to transaction, we have some simple tips that we would like to share with you:

  • Learn to trust your instincts. Do not believe that everybody has your best interests at heart. Remember that buying and selling property is a commercial transaction and therefore you need to be involved with the management of the whole process.

  • Do not buy in haste. Spend time thinking about the property. We firmly believe that if the property is meant for you, it will still be available 'tomorrow'.

  • Why pay off someone else's bond by renting, when you can grow your own capital wealth by owning your own property? (You may be renting for good reasons however.)

  • Never start renovating or improving your new home before registration of transfer has gone through and you are legally the owner. The transaction can collapse prior to registration of transfer and all you hard work and MONEY may be wasted.

  • Never over capitalise on your property. Before improving, it is wise to determine whether or not you will be able to make your money back when you sell the property. Do some research in the area and find out what the market value of other properties are.

  • Do not use all of your life savings to buy your home. Keep some money available for emergencies.

  • Finally, you need to aim to retire bond-free and debt-free!

Established in 2004

Property Power was first published in 2004 as an Annual Magazine... "on Disc"! This was long before the eBook made its appearance as a form of media. Since then Property Power has evolved into South Africa's most comprehensive source of information on typical residential property transactions, and it is collated to offer the reader an easy-to-understand information booklet ... in good old paper and ink.
Our Goal

Every single adult South African has a dream at some point to own a piece of our beautiful land. Some of us were fortunate enough that general business skills and knowledge of wealth creation has been passed down to us from generation to generation. Some of us have not been this fortunate, and find reasonably complex business transactions rather daunting!

Property Power is designed to empower South Africans with knowledge in order to demystify the process of becoming a home owner... and perhaps even a property investor.

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